My recent property had one Brobdingnagian yew bush Associate in Nursing rhododendron and some boxwoods. That was all the shrubbery thereon property, thus I may escape with mistreatment Associate in Nursing recent try of large trimming shears. I accustomed think about it some hours of excellent exercise, however I even have since captive into a house encircled by bushes. i would be out there all day with the manual shears. owing to the steadily-increasing level of “busy” in my life, I visaged the actual fact that i used to be reaching to ought to pay some ever-tougher-to-keep greenbacks on a power-driven try.
As is that the case with weed-eaters, gas power-driven hedge trimmers area unit each a lot of powerful and costlier than electrical ones. I visited the house Depot in Powell, and naturally I went straight to the electrical models, and saw that the Homelite Model UT44110 seventeen in. Hedge Trimmers, at solely $29.97, were the most cost effective I may notice.


I picked up the cabled-down show model, and thought maybe that this one was a lot of solid than most (hence slightly heavier). I conjointly noticed the however stout the mutual blades were than most alternative electrical models. They appeared a minimum of well worth the worth, once more} again, they’re a Homelite product, and since of past experiences (most notably with their chainsaws), i do not assume their product area unit terribly reliable.

Since i’m such a cheapskate, I gambled and purchased the Homelite model anyway. it’s a fairly sturdy two.7 amp motor that propels the seventeen in. mutual blades, creating it capable of cutting twigs up to 3/8 of an in. thick. The body is created of thick, high-impact plastic that holds along pretty tight. It operates on 100-125 potential unit AC, and needs a minimum of a 10-amp out of doors electric cord for safest operation.

After obtaining them home, i buy started on the shaggy yews round the front block. The Homelite Model UT44110 seventeen in. Hedge Trimmers feature twin action blades (where each reciprocate), that creates fifty three less vibration than the single-action type (where only 1 blade reciprocates and also the alternative remains stationary). I assumed trimmers this low cost would be single action shears, and this was positive one thing nice to find, truly. These trimmers area unit swish like an electrical knife. i used to be sweeping the unit across the topnotch simply with one hand, maintaining excellent management.


The 17 inch cutting surface of the blades is the perfect length to service my shrubs (but might not be enough for some larger homes). Their hardened steel construction effortlessly snaps green growth cleanly without “chewing” them off. The teeth recurve slightly, which reduces incidents where a thick, mature twig jams the blades, which can damage the motor.

Probably the most amazing thing about these hedge trimmers is that the casing is so solid. I have worked with electric hedge trimmers before, and many of them vibrate to where the 2 halves of the shell buzzes, and jamming can cause the case to actually twist, causing a gap between the halves. These were an exception. Even when it jammed, the body behaved as one solid piece, which implies it’s stronger and safer. One operates these hedge trimmers by sliding the power switch, which cannot be operated without squeezing the safety lever. There is a small knob to grab with the other hand, ergonomically designed to give more comfort and control of the unit.

Like I said before, I never thought too much of Homelite’s products, but I am very impressed with the UT44110 Hedge Trimmers. They are far and away the best hedge clippers I have ever seen in this price range. I can only hope that they can break the long-standing Homelite curse for me, and last for a minimum of three seasons (hopefully more). For smaller bushes and hedgerows, they are doing nice work. Unless your property has terribly giant bushes and privacy screens, there is not any purpose in shopping for anything for residential functions.